What to Do

1. Always keep YOUR health in YOUR hands

Take control of your own health. Test often and respond to your numbers!

2. Hydrate with diligence
  • Don’t underestimate this aspect of the program. Hydration, as well as regulating Carbs and Salts has a substantial impact on health.
  • Its recommended to use distilled water. Read the label it must say Steam Distilled.
  • Follow the recommended amount. Water needs to be consumed regularly and in small quantities – do not “guzzle” large quantities infrequently. Somewhere between 3 and 5 mouthfuls every 30 mins delivers the correct quantity.
  • You may need to regulate your Carbs with natural sweeteners, if you have a high CSR Ratio. Pay attention to this important factor.
3. Work to Eliminate the foods to avoid.
  • For details see the ‘What to Eat’ suggestions.
4. If Carbs reading is greater than 2%, eliminate all carbohydrates in afternoon.
5. Test as often and regularly as you can.
  • For best results nothing to eat two hours prior to testing. No fluids 15 mins before testing.
  • The best times to test are two hours after breakfast, lunch or dinner.
6. Take your recommended supplements regularly and consistently.
7. A daily routine is helpful.
  • Regular meal times
  • Regular sleeping habits
  • Regular eliminations
8. Deep breathing is beneficial to health improvement.
9. Regularly calibrate your instruments
  • An accurate instrument will deliver an accurate result.