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Software Registration

 Complete the registration form to set up your account in the software.

Choose Package

Your choice BE Kit and either a monthly or yearly subscription to the BE App software.


Finalise Purchase

Finalise your purchase in your cart and checkout via paypal.

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Step 1.

The BE App Software is where your results are submitted and your reports produced. The details you provide allow us to establish an accurate starting point for your testing journey.

Access to this software is provided on a subscription basis. The options include either a monthly or yearly plan.

Complete the registration form in full and your individual login to the BE App Software will be ready to be created!


Step 2.

Now let’s select which are the best tools for your wellness journey! There are three BE kits in our range to suit a variety of different users.

The Personal and Personal Plus kits include high quality instruments, designed to withstand the use of individuals and small groups.

The Professional BE Kit has been developed with the business owner in mind. Our highest quality instruments will ensure reliability through even the highest volume of usage.

Your choice of subscription and BE Kit will be bundled up into a BE Kit Package.


Step 3.

Once you have selected your BE Kit Package you will arrive at your cart.

Add the BE Kit to the cart and choose your payment option for the BE App Software.

Next, you will proceed to the checkout to complete your purchase via Paypal.


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