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BE Summary Analysis

You will know what’s right for you. ‘What to Eat’, ‘What to Take’ and ‘What to Do’ to reach optimum health.

How does it work.

The test provides analytical results that guide a trained practitioner to the information required in bringing the body back into the healing zone.


Total Carbohydrates

Tells us how well the body is handling carbohydrate food.

ph in urine and saliva

Indicates which of the calciums your body may be lacking.

Cellular Debris

This is measured to see if your body is cooperating by self-cleansing.

Salts and Toxins

These are checked to assess the levels of fluids needed.

Samples Tested.

Your samples are put through a unique series of chemical tests. The BE Test collects the key markers from urine and saliva as a guide to seeing how well the digestion is functioning.

The aim is to create an optimal environment for digestion to create new life, energy and efficiently eliminate waste. To improve health, there is no guessing, simply improving health based on the numbers.


Results Processed.

The results from the tests are inputted into the BE App which uses unique calculations to produce a detailed report tuned to your own biology.

Your results will indicate how far you are away from the perfect numbers, and more importantly, guide you to bring your numbers back to the healing zone. 


The Analysis.

The Summary Analysis can help you understand what is not working. The results enable a trained practitioner to design a program of supplements and set changes to allow the body to be returned to a healing zone.

The BE Test is the first analysis in the world to show in real time results and suggestions to improve your health, daily. There is no waiting for weeks or months to find out your health is not going well.

You will learn the right for foods, correct hydration and what to do to reach optimum health immediately.


Time to take that first step. Better Health Starts with you.

Analysis Guide.

The analysis is measuring the efficiency of the body’s digestion system and the state of the “environment” the body is functioning.


14 Health Score

A calculation of your overall functioning efficiency.

14 Hydration Suggestion

The quantity of water that’s ideal for optimal energy.

14 Weakest Link

The area that is causing the most energy loss.

14 What to Take

Suggested supplements based based numbers.

14 What to Do

A general guide of beneficial actions.

14 What to Eat

Lists of foods to eat and avoid are included to assist you to reach optimum health.

The Numbers.

Based on a mathematical equation as the foundational anchor point, we are looking at how efficiently the digestion brakes down the mineral in food to create energy. Any inefficiencies will cause a loss of potential energy from digestion.

By measuring saliva and urine, this equation will indicate if there is energy loss. The numbers look at the levels of energy entering and leaving the body and what happens in between causing energy loss.


The Healing Zone.

Ideal digestion takes place when the pH of the urine and saliva and all other numbers are also in their ideal zone. It has been found that the flow of energy through the body was imbalanced in some way if the pH was not ideal.

The correct acid/alkaline balance aids in all efficient waste disposal, good digestion, and assimilation to absorb the nutrients from our food and supplements.

Correcting the imbalances will help calm the body and mind and assist in better concentration, focus, and living a happy peaceful life.

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