The Remarkable Story

Dr Carey Reams

Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) Analysis

RBTI Analysis is the life work of Dr. Carey Reams. He developed a complex mathematical formula that determines precisely where energy loss – and therefore potential disease – is occurring in the body, well before symptoms appear.

“RBTI Analysis calls for a simple chemical measurement of saliva and urine, specifically, analysis of sugar utilisation, pH, conductivity, cellular breakdown and protein digestion. Those values give a remarkable view into how the entire body is dealing with food intake, digestion, assimilation and excretion of waste.” Rex Harill.

Reams Story

Reams began his career as a biochemist, before specialising as a biophysicist and building one of the largest analytical labs in the U.S. where he used his Biological Ionisation principals to help farmers produce mineral-rich foods.

It was during this time that Reams identified widespread mineral deficiencies in our soils, and the inability of resulting crops to adequately sustain a well-balanced human body.

Reams Discovery

This discovery led him back to the laboratory where he shifted his focus to human health.

He developed a complex mathematical formula to identify the unique mineral imbalances in individual human bodies and developed a personalised, measureable wellness plans to guide people back to optimal health.

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Against all odds

This is where he had his first run in with the establishment and was jailed several times for conspiring to practice medicine without a license, despite promoting an all-natural, drug-free approach to health. All he gave people was a diet added with mineral supplements that were deficient in their bodies.

Reams developed RBTI

Unperturbed, Reams continued to develop the Reams Biological Theory of Ionisation (RBTI). Here at Balance Energy Health we strictly abide the rules of Carey Reams. On the same principles each practitioner will offer suggestions to diet including specific minerals and vitamins based on the individual results.

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