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How to use Professional BE Kit

How to use the "BE Test" software

Teaching Modules

Module 1 - Mini Lab Instructions

Module 2 - Health by your BE Test Numbers

Module 3 - Food & Supplements

Teaching Modules

Professional's Reference Guide

Professional Teaching Notes - pH

Professional Notes - Carbohydrates

Professional Notes - Nitrogen Nitrate Urea

Professional Notes - Salts & Conductivity

Range & Zone Chart

Range & Zone Chart


Supplements List

Income Calculator

Excel Calculator

Food Lists

What Should I Eat?

No No Foods

Food List for Ranges B & C

Food List for Ranges D & E

Food List Complete File

Chemical Safety Information

These are the Safety Data Sheets for the chemcials that are used in the 7 numbers testing.

Nitrate Test Reagent

Ammonia Test Reagent