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Postal BE Kit

Improve the way you manage your client’s health

Be Healthy.

The body is meant to be healthy. All symptoms and diseases are warning signs that something you are doing or haven’t done is upsetting your body causing those symptoms.

Now your client can simply send you their samples and we will provide them with an individual summary analysis. 

Giving you the tools to make them BE Healthy again sooner.





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Be Informed.

Learn what you can do differently to give your client’s body actually what it needs. The Postal BE Kit provides you and your client with the equipment to give you a great insight into their biochemistry.

In samples of urine and saliva, the residues and components are measured to indicate if the body is out of balance. 

Results from the analysis are processed in real time in the BE Test Software. This enables you to design a program for your client of supplements and diet changes to allow the body to be returned to a healing zone.

Ready to Buy.

As a BE Professional Partner, you can purchase the Kit Only option so you can have stock on hand at all times.

Simply give or post your client a kit and process the results at their next appointment.




Professional Use Only.
Results are not included.




Professional Use Only.
Results are not included.

Kit Inclusions.

Balance Energy Australia delivers your Postal BE Kit straight to your front door. Get simple answers and real-time results.

14 Equipment

Provides all the equipment take collect samples.

14 Reports

A great insight into your client’s biochemistry. You will know what’s right for them.

14 Guidance

Easy to follow instructions on how to test and return your samples.

14 Advice

Lists of foods to eat and avoid are included to assist you to reach optimum health.

14 Secure

We value your privacy and your personal information is safe with us.

14 Postage

Purchase express post bags with your order so your client can mail the kit back to you.


Your Health In Your Hands