Your Health In Your Hands

No guesswork, it’s all in the numbers

Mystery declines in your client’s health are now a thing of the past.

A new system.

In a simple 2 minute analysis, we can guide you how to inform your client’s on what to eat, what to take, and what to do to reach optimum health.


It is simple, quick and safe to use.  


The equipment needed arrives at the door.


Clear instructions to follow on how to collect samples.


Take two samples and pop them in the mail.


Become a BE Professional Partner today

You can order and pay online – it’s that easy! 

No more guessing, real answers to improve health

A new way to manage client health.

The Postal BE Kit provides your client with everything they need to prepare their sample ready for analysis. It’s simple, safe, and quick to use. 

They simply take their samples; fill out a form and express post them to you for analysis.

A new era in health testing.

There now is a way to test and measure your client’s health improvements AND provide your clinic with an additional income stream.

The system can measure your client’s compliance with your instructions.

You get to focus on the causes of ill health, not the symptoms, and more importantly learn how to guide your client on what to do, what to eat, and what to take for their individual biochemistry.

Simple answers with real time results.

As a professional partner of the BE Health team, you will be provided with all the resources and information you need to start testing immediately.

You get access to the system that produces analytical data in real-time, to support your clients’ wellness program and monitor their progress.

The Postal BE Kit allows you to test clients, in a clinic or away from your office, anywhere around the world.

A new era in health testing and wellness management has arrived!

Take control of your client’s Health.

A new era in health testing and wellness management has arrived! 

Start using the Postal BE Kit today!

How it Works.

Four simple steps to jumpstart your BE Healthy journey. You can choose to stock the Postal BE Kits in your clinic or have your client’s purchase them directly from us.


Your client then just has to follow the below process.

Step 1

Order your complete kit safely and securely online. They all come with easy to follow instructions. 

Step 2

Take two minutes to collect your urine and saliva samples. Then simply complete the confidential questionnaire.

Step 3

Return your samples and forms via an express post bag. See further details in the Shop.

Ready to Buy.

As a BE Professional Partner, you can purchase the Postal BE Kit Only option for you to have stock on hand at all times.

Simply give or post your client a kit and process the results when you receive their samples. You can discuss the results at the next appointment online or in-clinic.




Professional Use Only.
Results are not included.




Professional Use Only.
Results are not included.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some common questions asked about the Postal BE Kit.

How soon will I get my results?

The results will be emailed after 3-5 days.

How long will it take for my kit to arrive?

Kits will be posted and arrive within 7 days


Your Health In Your Hands