Our Mission

It's all about the numbers

Personal Support

We’re here to support mother nature in placing your body in its best possible state and support you to achieve your optimum level of health. It is our Mission to pass on the wonderful discovery of Carey Reams to that to all that are passionate about their own health.

Natural Wellness

Do you ever wonder at the miracles displayed in nature every day? Have you ever had a cut finger and marvelled at how mother nature manages all by herself to renew the skin? The same can be said for internal organs. We are all about giving you the tools to place your body in the best natural state so mother nature can perform her miracles.

Wellness plans based on your unique biochemistry

Measure your natural health on a scale of 1 to 100

This is the next-generation approach to self health management

A new ERA has arrived

Your Health

We suggest guessing is not an option, life is too important! We embrace a customised approach to your health and wellness based on your personalised data.

Your Hands

Every person is different. No one diet is good for everybody. In fact, without knowledge of your body’s unique biochemical status, any particular diet could be harmful. We believe Your Health should BE in Your Hands™.

No guesswork, it’s 'your health by your numbers'

Why guess when you can be sure!

We use non-invasive RBTI testing that reveals your personal biochemical status. Your results will indicate the best foods to eat, suggest what mineral supplements to take and suggest what you DO to reach optimum level of wellbeing. The easy to read graphs of your own “health score” will keep you informed on your progress and provide motivation to head toward and maintain optimal health.

Improve Your Life

It’s time to make a change because your matter