Mini Kits

The Kit

If you’re new to Biochemical health analysis, our mini kit represents a simple way to get started. In association with one of our local registered practitioners, you can discover your bodies needs for optimal health – from there the need for further testing can be established as you set goals for your health journey.


The Analysis

The Summary Analysis can help you understand what is not working. You will learn the right food, correct hydration, and what to do to reach optimum health in the shortest time possible. 

Work with your Practitioner or Health Professional to design a program of supplements and set changes to allow the body to be returned to the healing zone.

3 x Postal Kits

3 Tests are performed over-time to get a working average of your health status




Return Mail

3 Return Mail Bags are provided for easy transport to your Practitioner or Health Provider.





Sample Containers

Containers are included for use in your use at home.




Mini Kit

The perfect entry point into the Balance Energy Wellness Program.

Start your journey!



Your Health In Your Hands