How to Order

Postal BE Kit

Step 1.

Purchase your Kit.

Order your Postal BE Kit online and wait for it arrive.

They can be purchased here

Step 2.

Collect your samples

The urine and saliva samples are taken AT LEAST TWO HOURS AFTER breakfast on the same day. These samples must be posted on the day of collection. Remember: Express Post must be posted Mon-Wed by 2pm for next day delivery. 

Place both samples back into the provided white container, pack firmly with the paper towels. Put the lid on tight. Put the white container into the plastic bag and close it.

Step 3.

Fill in your Confidential Questionnaire

This is included with your Postal BE Kit:

  • Write in your details and answer the questionnaire.
  • Please ensure you complete all parts form as this will help make sure you get your results back as soon as possible.
  • Gather the questionnaire, your saliva, and urine samples ready to send to your practitioner.


Step 4.

Send us your sample


Place the small sealable bag with the samples clearly stating your name in a secure mailing envelope (provided).

Write your return address on the Express Mail envelope and remember to sign it. Mail the package the same day, dropping it into an Express Post Mailbox (yellow) or into any Post Office before 2pm.

Remember to include:

  • Plastic bag with your samples
  • Completed questionnaire

Step 5.

Testing and results

Your Health in Our Hands.

Your samples will be processed immediately upon arrival. Your results will be sent to the email address entered on the questionnaire form from your practitioner.