Hydration and Sugar Rules


If at any time, your carbs fall below 1.2 it is time to pay very close attention!

You are running low on ENERGY. You need to monitor your carb reading very closely during this period (multiple times per day if possible).

If your Sugar/Brix reading (Refractometer) drops below 2% then add a natural sweetener to your water. (Two Tablespoons of a natural sweetener – Maple Syrup, Honey, Molasses etc. Use a variety of different sweeteners)

If your Carbs drops below 1.5, have some fruit and if you drop below 0.5 you are getting into very shaky territory – your body is extremely low on ENERGY. Your body needs food.  A temporary solution is to dissolve a small amount of white sugar under the tongue. Improvement in overall diet planning is imperative.


Your Health In Your Hands