Hydration Rules


Correct hydration has more to do with good health than most people consider.

It is possible to drink too little or too much! We have suggested an initial safe hydration regime which will be refined as more test information becomes available.

Your results will determine if this initial estimate is correct for your unique body. Over or Under Hydration will be indicated and you can adjust foods and fluids to bring you back to the ideal zone.

Remember it is systematic drinking of pure water that is the secret. Small Amounts more often. Look at your hydration panel to determine your recommendation per half hour. Usually, this is no more than 3-4 mouthfuls.

The absolute best water is STEAMED DISTILLED. It is not always practical or convenient to obtain steam distilled water so the compromise is the best quality and cleanest water that you can afford. Any water is better than none!

Fresh Lemon juice with water is a very powerful detox agent and digestive aid. One of our methods is to mix one part of FRESHLY squeezed lemon with 9 parts of steam-distilled water. If you mix this at breakfast, then sip the lemon water on the half-hour and then pure water on the hour you are on the best hydration regime.

If you are using sweetened water it is best to use the sweetener in your lemon water. If your salts are high (above 25C) lemon water should NOT be used until you get your combined Conductivity number under 25C. 



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