BE Partner Program

BE Sure, BE Inspired, BE Ready

Our BE Partner Program is a collective of businesses that offer a vast array of services but all are working towards a common goal. To be the best Professional they can be.

If you want to expand your services, gain new clients or improve customer retention, our founder Phillip Rankin will provide partners with intensive training and support. He will guide you how to implement the BE testing system into your business and ensure that you can educate your clients with confidence.

With real time results it allows you to design a program to allow the body to return to a healing zone. The system can measure your client’s compliance with your instructions.



Using the Personal BE Kit you have all the equipment you need to begin testing from the comfort of your own home. All the instruments are of high quality and designed for the use of individuals and couples.

With your own equipment, you will be able to test multiple times a day. Regular testing will help you learn what you can do differently to give your body what it actually needs.

The Analysis

The Summary Analysis can help you understand what is not working. You will learn the right food, correct hydration, and what to do to reach optimum health immediately.

Work with your Practitioner or Health Professional to design a program of supplements and set changes to allow the body to be returned to the healing zone.

The Kit

Professional level testing equipment that allows you to test and measure each client’s metabolic functioning at a moment in time. 

Premium quality instruments for professionals to utilise in their clinics and are designed to withstand the higher volume use. 


The Analysis 


Learn what you can do differently to give your client’s body actually what it needs. In samples of urine and saliva, the residues and components are measured to indicate if the body is out of balance and give a great insight into their biochemistry.


Results from the analysis are processed in real-time in the BE Test Software (BE APP). This enables you to design a program for your client of supplements and diet changes to allow the body to be returned to a healing zone.



The Workstation


The Training


A comprehensive online training course is included with your purchase.  These modules have been written and are delivered by our own founder Phillip Rankin.

Training is delivered via email and easily broken down into modules for you to complete over a period of time. You will also have access to zoom webinars to ask questions and discuss your progress.




Right fit for your business?




The BE Partner Program is designed for practitioners and health professionals are looking to improve the way they manage their client’s health. It’s the right fit if your business:

Three things that we are searching for with our target clients!!




Commitment to change

Methodology to helping clients get well

Want to address the underlying causes of disease

Partner with us

Ready to join the Balance Energy Australia Professional Team!


BE Partner Program


Whether you are a naturopath, kinesiologist, health coach, or professional if you are looking to bridge the gap and get a deeper insight into your client’s wellbeing we are here to help you.

When you purchase our Professional Package you will also become a member of the BE Partner Program. The program is for Practitioners and health professionals who are looking to expand their services and build their business with Balance Energy Australia.



BE Partner Program


We will provide you with a workstation to store your supplements, mini kits, and testing equipment.

The workstation is great for storing your Professional BE Kit and associated products. It also comes with a white plastic tray on top that allows you to conduct your testing on the workstation or move it conveniently to another surface. 




14 Equipment

Provides all the equipment take collect samples.

14 Reports

A great insight into your client’s biochemistry. You will know what’s right for them.

14 Guidance

Easy to follow instructions on how to test and input samples.

14 Advice

Lists of foods to eat and avoid are included to assist you to guide client’s to optimum health.

14 Training

Modules delivered to your inbox with videos to watch to educate you about the testing and equipment.

14 Charts

Printed and laminated charts for you to display in your clinic.

Features that set you up for success!




Each kit contains accurate scientific equipment specifically designed for professional use.




No waiting weeks or months to know if things are not going right! Real-time analysis with steps to improve health on a daily basis.




Adding it to your practice can provide you with both an active and passive income stream.





All instruments have a twelve month replacement warranty.





All modules are broken into small, easy to complete sections supported with videos, PowerPoint’s presentations and webinars.




24/7 unlimited access to testing/reporting. No matter where you are in the world you can review tests results and reporting online.




All the tools and skills you need to start testing and learn what you can do differently to give your clients body what they actually need.





Knowledge is power and as such, we provide not only extensive information in each package but access to our ever-growing online resources.


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Your Health In Your Hands