Forming a Picture of your Health.

If you want more from life, You must gain more energy than you consume, ENERGY to live, move, breathe, think, love, etc. Biochemically, how do we know if that is actually happening?

One way is to “GO BY YOUR NUMBERS”.

The inter-relationship of the ZEST TEST numbers, and associated physical symptoms helps create a “picture” of health. Improvements in sugar regulation (ie, Refractometer, brix control), calcium, and mineral utilization (ie, pH regulation), and salt /protein regulation (ie, conductivity monitoring) becomes integral to creating energy in digestion to stimulate the vital force.

Reams showed that sugar regulation parallels oxygen availability and potential energy. Oxygen is needed in all restorative processes and brix represents about 15 different sugars that are eliminated through the urine; too high or too low sugars are associated with decreased oxygen availability. Symptoms of low sugars include: lightheadedness, dizziness, extreme fatigue, muscle aching, morning grogginess, “sugar crashing” between 11 AM and 2 PM, frontal headaches, migraines, seizures, forgetfulness, cold intolerance, etc. Conversely, high sugar symptoms include: mental fog, cluster headaches, muscle aches, numbness in extremities, rapid heart rates, nervousness, insomnia, need to urinate at night, hot flashes, etc.

Energy resistance, as measured by pH, shows cationic (decreased resistance/acidic) or anionic (increased resistance/alkaline) tendencies, which reflects energy efficiency and mineral utilization. Cationic symptoms include: diarrhea, non-digested food in stools, hip and lower extremity pain, premenstrual cramping and heavy menstrual flow, prostate complaints, malabsorption deficiencies, etc. Anionic symptoms include: constipation, sinus and respiratory complaints, skin eruptions, vision complaints, shoulder and upper extremity pains, thyroid issues, cluster headaches, teeth and jaw issues, etc. Just to name a few.

While brix values represent sugars, urine conductivity represents salt and protein catabolism. Too low conductivity, and the body won’t absorb minerals from the diet, whereas too high conductivity, and the body over de-ionizes, forming crystallization of organic and inorganic salts; this can lead to hardening of arteries, oxidative damage, and breakdown of cartilage and smooth muscle. Symptoms of high conductivity include: high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, angina, heart attack risk, arthritis and joint pain, diverticulitis, poor bladder control, etc. Just to name a few.

All listed symptoms and more are interdependent on the other variable measurements; again, as you learn to see the “picture” of how the variables inter-correlate and change with each other, Reams said, “a clear pattern of symptoms becomes predictable.”

If you were told everything that could happen about these numbers and the 2600 differentials, if you read rapidly, it would take 2,000 years to read if you read 12 hours every day. (Carey Reams)

Equipment & Measurements

Keep in mind that this is not diagnostic lab work, hence the use of this equipment does not require any office lab certification. We are analyzing not diagnosing. We are NOT treating the named disease, we are creating the best environment and allowing the body to do what it does best. HEAL. I insist that your instruments are calibrated each week. Without accurate instruments, we cannot accurately guide you to optimum wellbeing. If we are to follow Reams’ instructions, “GO BY THE NUMBERS” then let those numbers be accurate!

As a reminder, Dr Reams determined an energy equation for the line of least resistance of energy in humans concerning the energy coming into the body, which can be measured using urine and saliva: The first 4 numbers is the Balance Energy Health, ZEST TEST

PERFECT HEALTH = Common Sense (CS) + 1.5brix 6.4urine pH/6.4saliva pH 6.5C (conductivity)


The equation variables represent the balance and efficiency of how the body moves energy in and out in an attempt to maintain and optimize homeostasis. The “brix” value of the urine, as measured by a refractometer, primarily represents sugars and potential or available energy. A refractometer measures the total dissolved solids in a solution;

Urine pH represents post-digestive efficiency, and saliva pH represents pre-digestive efficiency

Reams showed that pH is a measure of friction, or “resistance,” and that a pH of 6.4 is the neutral electrical point and point of maximum energy extraction and production.
Conductivity of the urine represents the ability of energy to move through the system; where electrical flow can freely move throughout the body; conductivity that is too high or too low affects the ability of energy to get where it is needed.

When you consider the Brix, pH, and Conductivity to represent potential energy, efficiency, and resistance of energy movement into the system, the variables tell a story of energy balance and efficiency. Illness starts when you continue to burn up more energy than you take in. (Carey Reams)

Closing Comments

Take time to learn, by considering what things in your life change your numbers. Food, fluids, behavior, words, thoughts, feelings, stress, breathing, rest and movement. You can learn how to use the equation variables to observe the “frequency,” and then learn how to change those things that move the numbers in the wrong direction and add more of what serves your energy into your life.

This system is not a form of diagnosis, treatment, prevention, or cure, but instead is an analytical method for teaching health and observing restoration. I hope this article at least challenges each reader to test, learn, and help build upon techniques that I believe can become a standard of restorative care in your life, your home, workplace, schools, sporting teams, retirement homes and hospitals.

The one who gets wisdom loves life; the one who cherishes understanding will soon prosper. (Solomon; 990 BC-931 BC)

Putting your health, in your hands.
Phillip Rankin.