Professional Items


1-5 Users

For individuals highly committed to regular health checking right up to families. The Personal Plus Kit is perfect choice for next level testing.



Professional Instruments

Pro quality instruments are provided in the Plus kit for long-life high volume testing.



Additional Reporting

With Personal Plus you’ll get additional reports tailored to the expectations of the high-end user. 


All the instruments are professional standard to withstand the higher volume use. The Personal Plus kit is suited to high-end individuals, families or small groups who will be conducting more frequent testing. 



Conductivity Meter

Determine conductivity of a solution from a single drop of a sample




pH Meter

Accurate pH measurements in a few seconds, from a single drop. 




Measures dissolved solids in liquid and is expressed as Brix.



Postal BE Kits

Includes specimen vials, wipes and postal pack



Sample Containers

Containers are included for use in your use at home.



Calibration Fluids

Calibration Fluids should you need to calibrate your instruments.



Ready to take charge of your health? 



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